Work Experiences

Azarbayjan Power Engineering Consulting Company (MONA)

 A- Tabriz Long – Term Distribution System Planning Project  Project Manager, 2006

 B- Azarbayjan Transmission and Sub-Transmission Expansion Planning Project  Project Manager, 2008

 C- Azarbayjan Large Industrial Electrical Energy Management Project, Project Manager, 2009

 D-Detailed Energy Audit of Azarbayjan Steel Company Project  Project Manager- Active

 E- Evaluation and Prediction  of Azarbayjan Religion Electric Power Company Reliability Project Manager, Active

 F- Gilan Religion Electric Power Master Planning (System Studies and Expansion Planning) Project- Project Manager, Active

 G- East-Azarbayjan Industrial Zone Load Forecasting Project  Project- Project Manager, Active 

Iranian Grid Management Company (IGMC)

Construction of Iran Power System Deck in SINCAL Software- Siemens Project, 2005 – 2006

Zanjan Electric Regional CompanyZanjan and Ghazvin Cities Long Term Distribution System Planning Project, 2004 – 2005
Niroo Research Institute Feasibly Study of High Efficient Transformers (Including Amorphous Core Type) in Iranian Distribution System (Technical and Economic Aspects), 2003 – 2004
Tom consulting computer and Industrial companyRelay Coordination of the Bandar Abbas Refinery Company, 2002
Gharb Niroo Consulting EngineersDistribution System Planning of Kermanshah City, 2002